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  • Doosan Diesel Genset
Doosan Diesel GensetDoosan Diesel Genset

Doosan Diesel Genset

  • Power range: 20~3000KVA
  • voltage: 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V; 110/220V, 220/440V, 277/480V.
  • Frequency: 50hz, 60hz
  • Alternator Type: Synchron Brushless Stamford
  • Product description:
Kaihua cooperation with Doosan
Kaihua is a cooperative partner of diesel generator sets powered by Doosan diesel engines, with the power range from 50kva to 600kva.Doosan diesel engine is famous for its small size, light weight, resistance to sudden loading ability, low noise and high reliability all over the world.

Typical project I :

625kva open type Doosan diesel generator set has exported to Philippines.

Typical project II :

400kva open type Doosan diesel generator set has exported to Sri Lanka.

Main features of Doosan diesel engine genset:
1.Wet, replaceable liner design combined with the fire damper piston ring and oil cooling, to ensure the low running cost and long service life.
2.The flexible bumper is superior than rubber shock absorber.
3.Turbo charge reduce fuel consumption and exhaust cleaner, reduce the high frequency noise, prolong service life.
4.Large capacity of oil pump and oil cooler and oil all-pass filter and effective lubrication system, reduce the parts of wear and prolong the service life of the engine.
5.CE/ISO certificate
6.1000 hours or 1 year global warranty.
7.Spare parts and after-service are available worldwide with reasonable price.
8.The options of cooling method: water cooled, air cooled or air/air inter cooled.
9.Power range from 50w-600kw,prime power, standby power and continuous power are available,50Hz&60Hz,1500rpm&1800rpm.
10.Short delivery time.
Standard configurations of Kaihua open type diesel generator set powered by Doosan:
1. Brand new Doosan diesel engine 50hz or 60hz.
2. Single bearing 4 poles brushless AC Stamford alternator, MeccAlte, Leroy Somer or China brand alternator as option
3. Smartgen HGM6110 AMF controller with LCD display and multiple languages options. Can manage remote control of the genset. Deep Sea 6020, 7220 , DEIF, Comap controllers as optional.
4. 24V float charger
5. Radiator with fan and water tank adaptable to 40 centigrade (mild climate) or 50 centigrade (tropical climate).
6. Absorbers between assembled genset and the base steel frame.
7. China brand circuit breaker with reliable quality. Chint, Schneider, ABB breakers are optional.
8. Silencers, curved pipes, wave pipes, flanges,tool kit
9. 24V battery free of maintenance.
10. Full set of manual books of engine, alternator, controller , circuit breaker and whole genset.

Optional Configuration
Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Alternator Dimension Weight
kVA kWe kVA kWe Model Stamford Model mm KG
Doosan (50hz, 1500RPM, 3p, 230/400V)
KH-50GF 68.75 55 62.5 50 DB58 UCI224D 1800x730x1250 810
KH-64GF 88 70.4 80 64 D1146 UCI224E 2300x790x1500 1500
KH-75GF 103.13 82.5 93.75 75 D1146T UCI224G 2300x790x1500 1550
KH-90GF 123.75 99 112.5 90 D1146T UCI274D 2300x790x1500 1600
KH-100GF 137.5 110 125 100 P086TI-1 UCI274E 2650x950x1400 1800
KH-120GF 165 132 150 120 P086TI-1 UCI274F 2650x950x1400 1850
KH-150GF 206.25 165 187.5 150 P086TI UCI274H 2600x1120x1670 1900
KH-200GF 275 220 250 200 P126TI UCDI274K 2950x1120x1595 2315
KH-250GF 343.75 275 312.5 250 P126TI-II HCI444E 2950x1120x1595 2350
KH-280GF 385 308 350 280 P158LE-1 HCI444E 3130x1115x1800 2715
KH-300GF 412.5 330 375 300 P158LE-1 HCI444F 3130x1115x1800 2885
KH-320GF 440 352 400 320 P158LE HCI444F 3205x1115x1800 2935
KH-368GF 506 404.8 460 368 DP158LC HCI544C 3300x1160x2000 3285
KH-420GF 577.5 462 525 420 DP158LD HCI544D 3300x1160x2000 3355
KH-456GF 627 501.6 570 456 DP180LA HCI544E 3405x1397x2000 3900
KH-500GF 687.5 550 625 500 DP180LB HCKI544F 3405x1397x2001 3980
KH-560GF 770 616 700 560 DP222LB HCI634G 3405x1397x2002 4100
KH-600GF 825 660 750 600 DP222LC HCI634G 3405x1397x2003 4160
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